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Steadfast in our determination, we are many patriotic individuals who have come together to courageously join in the fight to ensure that our great state and nation shall endure -- that the light of freedom shall continue to shine for all generations to come.

We are grateful for the brave patriots who fought and died to win and defend our treasured freedom - that precious freedom which is now on the verge of being seized and displaced by a one-world government.

Our stand is simple ~ We are intent upon keeping our government in the hands of it's own citizens by maintaining our great Constitution of the Unites States of America as the prevailing rule, assuring Americans of our autonomous independence.

We commit ourselves to elect honest people to public office who adhere to principles based on the wisdom of the Founders and expressed in the United States Constitution and our party platform.


1. We commit to preserve and protect our people and our self-rule.

2. We commit to promote economic growth and self-sustenance unshackling us from reliance on foreign goods.

3. We commit to support religious freedom and traditional family values.

4. We commit to ensure equality before the law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator and so stated in our Constitution - especially the right to life.

5. We commit to cleaning up our corrupted political system.

6. We commit to restoring fair voting and counting procedures assuring that only those truly elected by their constituents will be sworn into office.

7. We commit to stopping illegal immigration by sealing off our border.

8. We commit to upholding the 2nd Amendment, which states that our citizens have the right to possess and bear arms ~ the primary purpose of which is to protect our Constitutional freedoms and rights.

9. We commit to the elimination of the Federal Department of Education returning to the states, school districts and parents the freedom to decide their own local curriculum including home schooling.

10. We commit to the elimination of the IRS replacing it instead with the institution of a national flat tax system

11. We commit to the support of the family farm and the removal of all government subsidies of corporate and foreign owned farms.

12. We commit to supporting American manufacturing. We stand firmly against so-called "free trade" - the policy that strips our own citizens of their decent wage earning jobs due to the transfer of manufacturing facilities from the United States to anywhere in the world where they can exploit totalitarian governments for their slave labor.

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