Platform of the Reform Party of Michigan

Adopted at Convention July 27, 2002

The Reform Party of Michigan is truly dedicated to the premise of "Government of the People by the People and for the People" with the clear understanding that we live in a Constitutional Republic. That our rights are guaranteed and protected by the Constitution, that they are clearly enunciated so that the average citizen can read and understand them and that no one has the right to trespass on those rights. That includes the Federal Government, State & Local Governments, the Courts, or even the citizens themselves at the ballot box.

Among those rights are the Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms, and the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We, the members of the Reform Party of Michigan hereby affirm our belief in the principles on which our nation was founded...Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Life; which begins at conception and ends at natural death.

Liberty; the idea that the Government will not support or pass any law unless it prohibits the use of force or fraud, and

The Pursuit of Happiness; the freedom to do what we please, without any type of governmental or other interference, provided we do not adversely affect the health, safety, morals, or constitutional rights of others.

This platform is presented in two sections. Section one addresses State Issues while section two focuses on National Issues.

Section One



LICENSE PLATE FEES - In the mid 1980's Michigan changed the way it calculates license plate fees from the weight of the vehicle to the value of the vehicle when purchased new. This resulted in skyrocketing license plate fees which are oftentimes more than an older vehicle is worth imposing an unwarranted burden on those who can least afford it. Although aware of this, the present Secretary of State, Candice Miller, has refused to advocate for a reduction; accordingly, we support a change in the formula as well as a fee reduction.

MUNICIPAL INCOME TAXES - Michigan has had a Local Income Tax Statute which permits municipalities to impose an income tax on their residents as well as non-residents working within municipal boundaries. However, since non-residents were never allowed to vote on the measure, they shouldn't have to pay the tax; only residents of the municipality should be liable. "No taxation without representation".

GREAT LAKES WATER - The Great Lakes is one of our most precious natural resources constituting a large percentage of the world's fresh water. Since they are indispensable to our environmental well being and economic health, they cannot be diverted for mere monetary gain. We also are opposed to the diversion or sale of Great Lakes or Michigan ground water. The extraction of our ground water, for bottled drinking water, is equally as harmful to the normal water levels of the Great Lakes. Nor can they continue to be used for barge storage of nuclear waste.

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST - In theory, we have three branches of state government, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative - none of which should overlap. Pursuant to the separation of powers, any individual who is on a Municipal/School payroll shall be prohibited from holding elective/appointive public office. Attorneys are officers of and answer to the Michigan Supreme Court. Since they are accountable to and under the Judicial branch of government, they cannot be permitted to hold legislative or executive office at the same time.

MICHIGAN BORDER SECURITY - Michigan is a border state, yet we are taking no action to protect our borders. Henceforth, the Michigan State Police, Michigan National Guard, and local law enforcement, where applicable, will assist the INS on Border Patrol. In addition, Michigan shall lobby the Federal Government to provide and/or reimburse local & state agencies for all costs incurred in doing so.

SERVICE/LICENSING FEES - All costs for Hunting/Fishing licenses, Professional/Service licenses, Drivers' license, or any other type of fee requested by the State shall reflect the actual cost to provide the license or item involved and will not include any other funding for any other program whatsoever.


MICHIGAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - Michigan families and Michigan tax dollars built Michigan's higher education system. Accordingly, all qualified Michigan residents will be given first opportunity to attend.

NO FAULT DIVORCE - There is no such thing as 'No Fault Divorce'. If minor children are involved, then the party seeking the divorce should have to demonstrate conclusive fault or no divorce will be granted.

MARRIAGE - The Reform Party of Michigan supports and endorses The Marriage Protection Amendment to the Michigan State Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman. 

MICHIGAN BENEFITS - No Michigan Governmental benefits will be given to any non-residents. Benefits will be made available to those who have an established residence within the state for more than a year. At no time will benefits be available to non-U.S. citizens.

CRIMINAL SENTENCE MODIFICATION - Every year, Michigan Prison population rises and victims are doubly harmed by having to pay for the incarceration. Where possible, every sentence for any crime against property shall include restitution in lieu of incarceration.

VACCINATIONS - There will be NO forced vaccinations of any kind whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever. All decisions of this nature will be left up to the individual, parent, or guardian. The Michigan Department of Health will request that the Smallpox vaccination being stored by the Federal Government be distributed to the County Health Departments.

ENGLISH ONLY - All printing of any nature whatsoever done at public expense shall be in English only.

MICHIGAN DRIVERS' LICENSE/SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS - The Michigan Drivers license is not to be modified in any nature whatsoever for use as a National ID card. The Federal Government already provides a Passport that serves the same purpose. Social Security Numbers are not to be used for any purpose other than a Social Security account. Michigan institutions using either for other than the original purpose will cease forthwith.

SHALL ISSUE - Michigan recently became a 'Shall Issue' state regarding the right to carry a concealed piston. Michigan shall continue along these lines as necessary in keeping with Article I, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution.


MUNICIPAL WATER/SEWER FUNDS - Funds paid into these accounts are to remain in these accounts and are to be utilized for water/sewer purposes only. They are not to be loaned to other funds, put up for security nor in any way encumbered. Each municipality that collects monies for water/sewer purposes shall provide an annual budget at the cost of printing to any party requesting it.

GAS TAX - Monies paid for fuel at the pump is to be solely used for MDOT funding only and not to be diverted into other uses. Michigan's gas tax is a fair way to pay for roads and it must be ensured that it is used for solely for roads.

LOTTERY - All monies left over after expenses are to be placed into a trust fund exclusively for schools and only the investment interest/proceeds are to be directed to districts not receiving adequate funding under Proposal A of 1994.

MUNICIPAL BUDGETS - Since every taxpayer has a right to know where the assets and liabilities of their community are, each municipality shall prepare a simple balance sheet readily comprehended by the average individual to be made available for the cost of printing to anyone who requests it. This shall include the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


TERM LIMITS - Term limits were resoundingly passed by voters in 1992 and are just beginning to be totally phased in statewide. Accordingly, there is no reason whatsoever to even attempt to amend them.

PART TIME LEGISLATURE - In truth and in fact, Michigan has a part time legislature, but with full-time pay which was recently boosted much more than the average Michigan resident ever sees in their paychecks. Therefore, legislative pay scales shall be reduced by 15% immediately, the State Officers Compensation Commission abolished, and all future raises shall be tied to and not be in excess of the Consumer Price Index.

NEW LEGISLATION - In 1978, Michigan voters passed the Headlee Amendment which stated that any new legislation that had a cost attached to it had to be funded by the state before it could be imposed on any local unit of government. To keep in line with the spirit of Headlee, all new legislation which imposes a cost on a local unit of government shall make the estimated cost of that legislation known along with the source of funds allocated for it, demonstrating that funding is available.

ELECTIONS - There shall be paper ballots which will be hand-counted at the precinct at the time the polls close, and before being transferred to the county elections office. All election results shall be posted at each local polling place immediately after counting takes place. No computers shall be used to count votes. All 'Motor Voter' laws shall be repealed, and no non-US Citizens shall be allowed to register.

ELECTION TIMES - Elections are expensive, particularly on a local level. And since turnouts are not as high as might be desired, there is no reason to schedule an election at any other time than August, (primary) and November, (general & school issues). The only exceptions will be a recall election (the requirements for which will not be changed), or an office vacancy, due to death, resignation, retirement, or for any other reason. Either of these shall cause a special election to be held to fill said office for the remainder of the term. Appointments are abolished at once.

THIRD PARTIES - All third parties who field candidates will be included in al debates that are publicly funded in any way, aired on public broadcasting, and/or held on public property.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AT PARTICIPATION AT PUBLIC MEETINGS - Most municipalities and school boards have public participation scheduled at the end of the meetings, as an afterthought. Accordingly, all Public Participation shall be allowed at anytime during the meeting and elected/appointed officials will be required to respond individually if requested.


PROPOSAL A - Proposal A was overwhelmingly passed by voters in 1994 to give much needed property tax relief and now there are hints that it should be changed. Far from it. Proposal A is doing exactly what it was designed to do and does not need to be tampered with by those who would raise our property taxes and drive the average Michigan resident, especially senior citizens, out of their home.

NEW PROPERTY TAX REVERSION LAW UNCONSTITUTIONAL - In 1999 the Michigan Legislature passed Act 206, drastically changed our property tax law which had been in effect for over 100 years. This act has stripped away basic Constitutional protections by the taking of private property for eventual government purpose without any compensation whatsoever being offered to the property owner. Accordingly, this act shall and must be repealed.

FARM TAXES - Farmers are being taxed off their land and the rate of taxes farmers pay has to be lowered to what the actual use of the land is, and not for its 'potential'. This shall be extended to other classifications of property as well.

GOVERNMENT CONFISCATION OF PROPERTY - Michigan Government shall not confiscate any real or personal property for any reason whatsoever. All laws on the books permitting such activity shall be repealed at once.

REFUSE IMPORTING - Michigan currently accepts garbage from other states, as well as Canada. Michigan shall immediately cease to import any garbage and/or hazardous waste from any other state or country. Michigan shall immediately seek an exemption from NAFTA, as it is this policy which is polluting Michigan's environment.

STATE OWNED LANDS - All Recreational Real Estate owned by the State shall be fully open to the general public. All Michigan DNR personnel will cease patrolling real estate owned by the US Forest Service.


Section Two



We believe education in this country to be in crisis characterized by centralization, political planning and poor student achievement. We believe that education is not a right, but an individual responsibility. Parents, and not government, are responsible for the education of their children. We object to the state controls evidenced in Goals 2000, School-To-Work and nationalized curriculum and testing. Therefore, government should disengage itself from education as it presents an inherent social conflict of interest between parents and the state.

The Reform Party of Michigan believes that the Children of America are the responsibility of the Parents of America. The Parents are the primary authority on their children’s education.

  1. We call for an immediate elimination of Federal Government involvement in all schools.
  2. We encourage Home Schooling, and support parental rights to home school without any government interference.
  3. We encourage all parents to take an active part in their child’s education.



We support a flat tax and an elimination of the IRS.



The United States of America has become the global power as a result of WWII. Our victory in that terrible conflict, and the salvation of England, France and many other nations is due to America’s awesome ability to manufacture war materials in such quantities that we were able to supply our needs and those of the armies of our allies. Manufacturing is the backbone of American Liberty.

The American People, by their labor and consumption, built American industry. However, American Corporations now like to view themselves as Multi-National Corporations because they deal all over the world. But their dealing is mostly the transfer of manufacturing facilities from the United States to anywhere in the world where they can exploit totalitarian governments for their slave labor. The products are made there and sold in the only free-trade zone in the world, the 50 States of the United States.

Major Industries have purged their American employees to grab cheap foreign labor. They support H1B laws, importing foreign labor in order to compete with Americans for the jobs that they cannot transfer out of the country. They support massive immigration for the same purpose. Their "support" comes in the form of major financial contributions for candidates that would sell out their country for a fast buck or political power.

We believe that these American (Multi-National) Corporations owe their allegiance to the United States and its people.

We urge our fellow Americans to reject the products of foreign manufacture dumped on the United States by multi-national corporations and seek out products that are "Made in the U.S.A".



We believe that the Family Farm is the cornerstone of American Agriculture and the primary reason that Americans have been blessed with an abundant, affordable food supply. Yet, the Family Farm has been under extreme pressure for decades and has been eroded. Government involvement at both the State and Federal level has placed the Farmers backs against the wall.

So-called Free Trade, Land Banks, Agricultural Zones, Farmland Preservation programs and other gimmicks have failed to save Family Farms. When the Family Farms of America are replaced with Corporate Farms, we will suffer the same shortages and costs that are experienced by the rest of the world.

The Reform Party will work with farmers to overcome government meddling and re-write farm policy. We need a policy that supports the Family Farm over the interests of Corporate and Foreign owned farms.

We stand for the removal of all Government subsidies of corporate and foreign owned farms.

There is only one way to save Agricultural land. MAKE FARMING PROFITABLE AGAIN.



According to the U.S. Census, the current rate of immigration will double the population of the United States within 50 years. The stress on public services, infrastructure, jobs, education, energy, and water availability are already being felt in many areas of the country.

The government sponsored population growth on a massive level, is already shifting political power to the Southwest as we see Michigan lose another Congressman. It will not be long before Michigan will be forced to give up Great Lakes water and along with it will be higher water bills for people in Michigan as we are "taxed" to conserve.

Diseases that have been destroyed in the United States for decades are being reintroduced by the illegal wave of 3rd world immigrants.

It is obvious by recent history that we cannot adequately take care of our own citizens properly, let alone the unprecedented numbers of immigrants. Americans are tired of facing language issues that have been thrust upon them in recent years by a government bent on cheap labor at the expense of American working people.

Simply put, entering the United States illegally is a crime and should be treated as such.

The Michigan Reform Party supports the following;

  1. A five-year moratorium on all immigration followed by a return to the historical level of 250,000 a year.
  2. English as the official language of the United States in order to help our new citizens assimilate into American Culture.
  3. Total elimination of H1B laws.
  4. Ending all immigration amnesty laws.
  5. Closing our southern border to foreign trucks.
  6. Ending the so-called anchor baby problem.
  7. Total control of our borders against, illegal immigration and drug trafficking. If American youth can risk their lives in order to guard the borders of foreign nations, they most certainly can be used to defend the borders of the United States.


United Nations:

The Constitution of the United States and the UN Charter are incompatible. We demand that the United States remove itself from the UN and demand that the UN move itself from the United States. We also refuse to recognize so-called "back dues" and demand that the UN be properly billed for all past "peace keeping" cost incurred by the American People.



The Michigan Reform Party supports Fair Trade, not Free Trade.

We demand the repeal of the unconstitutional North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs (GATT) and an immediate withdrawal of the United States from the World Trade Organization (WTO). We oppose all trade deals that attack the sovereignty of the United States and make the United States dependent on foreign powers, corporations or organizations.



We affirm the noble principles proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the XIV amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

That we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and no state shall deprive a person of life, liberty or property without due process of law. First and foremost among these rights, is the right to Life, and this right transcends all other laws that violate innocent human life.

As a result of genetic research and advanced technology, such as DNA testing, it is an accepted scientific fact that the life of an individual truly begins at conception. That the individual conceived will never be reproduced again. Therefore it is obvious that abortion takes a persons life. We affirm that every human being has intrinsic value and shall be protected under the law at all stages of development, from the moment of conception to his/her natural death. And, If abortion is the taking of a person’s life, then the act of abortion is indeed within the purview of the Federal Government Pursuant to the XIV Amendment of 1868 of the U.S. Constitution, which states specifically that a state shall not "…deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…"

We will work to overturn Roe vs Wade, an erroneous decision based on false testimony and insufficient scientific documentation.

We will end government funding of organizations, domestic or foreign that disregard the sanctity of life and promote its destruction through surgical or chemical abortion, specifically RU-486 and all other chemical abortifacients.

We oppose government funding for assisted suicide, infanticide and euthanasia that targets the infirm, the disabled, the elderly or any human being.


Election Reform:

Elections in the United States suffer from government and media manipulation, Soft Money from foreign interests, and fraud. The introduction of various technologies has left the process wide open to fraud and proposed reforms by the self-serving major parties are guaranteed to aggravate the issue.

The Michigan Reform Party:

  1. Supports a statewide return to paper ballots that are counted at the precinct. It would be cost effective and, once implemented, fast.
  2. Supports any campaign finance reform that will insure the Freedom of Speech and Association of the Citizen and limiting the power of corporations and special interests.
  3. Supports severe criminal penalties for accepting contributions from foreign corporations or countries.
  4. Demands a total ban on all Election Day Exit Polling.
  5. Demands a total ban on media reporting of Election Day results until all poles are closed.
  6. Demands that the Presidential Debates include the Presidential Candidates from all Political Parties who have qualified for ballot access in a simple majority of states.
  7. Demands that the Electoral College system as written by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States be maintained.
  8. We oppose Federal standardization of rules, regulations and procedures for all elections.



We believe in maintaining and protecting our natural environment, and that all modern technologies must be utilized for that purpose.

We do not believe that State and Federal ownership of massive amounts of land protects the environment. There have been many examples of government mismanagement causing environmental disasters. We stand foursquare for Property Rights.


Privacy Policy:

We believe every person is sovereign over his or her body parts, organs, tissues and genetic (DNA) information. Individuals must grant their informed and free consent for authorized research and disposal practices of their medical waste, and for accessing and sharing their medical/genetic information. We reject government attempts to assign "unique health care identifiers" or patient ID numbers to all Americans to electronically tag, track and monitor our personal medical records in any computer database. We reject attempts to build an electronic database of our children’s immunizations so that admission to day care, school, college or even medical care could be denied to persons who have not been injected with the government-specified number and types of shots. We reject genetic redlining to give government the power to compel American behavior, and to deny benefits, insurance or jobs.



We acknowledge and agree that it is the solemn Constitutional duty of the judiciary to defer to the legislature unless the act in question is unconstitutional, and to give legislation its plain meaning. The judiciary shall not function as an auxiliary legislature to deprive the People of the right to self-govern by revising statutes and manufacturing law under the guise of interpreting them. We reject adjudication, not according to the rule of law, but rather a judge’s overreaching ideology, preferred political position, or social whim as a threat to American ideals of justice. When judges exercise powers not delegated to them under the Constitution, impeachment is a proper tool.

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